Sunday, April 08, 2007


So here is a look at my new bed! I am totally LOVING it!!! The headboard still needs to be attached to the wall. It is just sitting there right now. We also bought a long skinny mirror that we are going to put on top of it. Not really the "theme" but Mr. Mister found it and we both really liked it. Plus the colors matched so we went for it. This room is all about putting things we really like in it. So far, I think it has worked well. We found two chairs to go in front of the window with a little table in between. The kids have both been making fun of us because we sit there with our laptops, drinking wine and talking. "Brat Girl" said we have our own little internet cafe. "Bud" said we were yuppies. ROFL! We are still on the hunt for a TV armoire. We have seen a few that we like but I don't want to just settle for something. I want to look at it and fall in love with it immediately! So we will continue to look until we find the perfect one.

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