Sunday, June 17, 2007

Only 191 Days until CHRISTMAS!

I KNOW........I's Father's Day! BUT, have you started thinking about it yet? I have had Christmas on the brain for the last few days. Today, I was on some Christmas websites and clicked on a few links, and then a few more, then all of a sudden I was looking for Christmas card ideas, and then designer Christmas trees, and look at what I found! Isn't this the coolest Christmas tree? LOL! I don't drink beer, but I told my husband that this would be perfect for his entertainment room down in the basement! They have stacked the bottles on top of glass plates. I am not sure how they did all of the lights but I don't think it would be too hard to figure out!

And then I saw this one! This just totally CRACKS ME UP! We could do a diet 7-up one here at our house. We would probably have enough cans saved up in a month! YES! We drink way too much soda!

So, do I have all of you in the Christmas spirit yet?


Carla said...

I don't think so!!!! But I guess coming from the ONE person I know to start on Xmas cards in August! Cool looking tree though. I wonder if you drank alot of different beer with the same size bottles, it would make a very colorful tree! How about all those wine bottles in your wine rack, girlie???? Get drinking!

Just Me Again said...

Cool x-mas tree! And believe it or not, I was actually already thinking of x-mas this weekend and wondering whether it would be too early to start the cards, LOL.