Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Weekend!

Well, I started off Friday with good intentions. LOL I fell off the wagon after I got home from work. We decided to go to Hidden Lake Winery because they had "Cajun Fest" going on from 4 pm until 12 am. I thought Mr. Mister would really enjoy it because he loves craw fish and all of the different Cajun style food. By the time we got there (at 7 pm) they had already sold out of the food. What a BUMMER! We did purchase a bottle of their top selling semi-sweet red wine called "Double Decker".
We sat out on the patio and drank it while we listened to the music. After that, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for a late dinner. (When I fall off the weight loss wagon I really go for the gusto! I may as well make it worth all of those bumps and bruises from hitting the ground so hard right? LOL)

On Sunday, I finally made it to the movies to see my Orlando Bloom. I forgot my bib! It's a good thing I picked up lots of extra napkins when we ordered that HUGE tub of popcorn. (Did I mention a diet? Ummmmmmm NOT!) Drooling all over it wasn't an option. Mr. Mister would not have been too happy with soggy popcorn!

We also began making plans to go to Arizona and visit my brother. I am SO EXCITED! I haven't seen him in 11 years. It will be great fun catching up with him. I am also looking forward to relaxing and seeing some amazing sunsets!


Greta said...

Hey Kathy...glad ya found me...now i found another to add to my ever growing list of blogs...i have over 100 in my bloglines..{sigh} takes me a few days to get to all of 'em but i do...i was in Chicago last summer for CHA...LOVE chi town

Carla said...

Woohoo!! You finally posted again. I was here a few days ago but didn't see anything new. Isn't Hidden Lake just beautiful???? I love that place. Girl, don't worry about the food, you have to treat yourself once in awhile. Been wanting to get back to the walking myself. You are right, the treadmills are great in any weather! Not much else going on, trying to post more on my blog. Especially pictures. I should post one of my boss and her new baby, she paid us a visit with him yesterday at work. What a cutie. WEll tata for now, girlie!!

Carla said...

Oh yea, Texas Roadhouse is awesome....especially the Jamaican Cowboy margaritas!!!!!