Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hair Appointments

Yesterday morning I had a hair appointment to get rid of my skunk stripe! (No haircut though, because I am "trying" to let it grow! UGH!)

I love when I can get my hair done up all "purty" by someone else. Especially, when I know I will NEVER be able to style it the same way again, even though my stylist tries to convince me that it's so EASY to do! WHATEVER!

I walked out of the Salon looking SMASHING! I was moussed, waxed, and hair sprayed twice (because she didn't like how the first hair spray held!) My hair wasn't going blow out of place, even if we had a tornado!

I came home, gave Mr. Mister a hug, telling him to watch out because my hair was lethal, and he could possibly be maimed for life! He twirled me around a few times, said that it looked "SEXY!" Then he tried patting my beautiful locks, and was quickly pricked on his finger, as a reward for his appreciation!

He began referring to me as "Needle Head." Isn't he a such sweetie! I love when gives me pet names!

Well, I proceeded to tell Mr. Mister that we needed to go somewhere, because I spent way too much money getting my hair done, and buying little itty bitty bottles of shampoo and conditioner, that are supposedly the "good" stuff.

So, we were driving to Macaroni Grill (please ignore my previous post about dieting, and not eating out so much!) and I kept feeling my hair because it was so BIG! I would push my hair back against the seat and it would feel like I was laying down on a pillow as it squashed against my head. I would move forward and it would spring right back into place! I did the several times throughout the day because it was just so darn funny!

The night progressed along and I went to bed. This morning I woke up and I looked like this!

Yep! That was me! I was BEAUTIFUL!

Mr. Mister and I laughed. A LOT! Although, I think he laughed way more than I did! What's up with that? I thought he said my hair was SEXY!

I hopped in the shower to try and wash all of the bondo out of my hair. Imagine my surprise when I found out my hair was also water resistant! I didn't realize that my hair stylist was THAT talented! I swear it took five minutes for the water to even reach my scalp! I washed it twice with my new MOMO shampoo!

And then used my MOMO conditioner!

Now, my hair is no longer a deadly weapon! That is what using the "good" stuff can do for you! It's worth every penny!

P.S. I think that Mr. Mister and I should dress up as Heat Miser & Cold Miser for Halloween this year! What do you think? LOL


Cheryl Wray said...

"Needle Head" is too funny!

I love going to get my hair done. I feel so pampered...but I don't do it very often!

Linda said...

You are to funny.

Hey I found rour shampoo on, a 33 oz bottle for less than forty dollars.

Love Ya,

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I've never heard of that shampoo or conditioner. How good is it? Will it make my hair bea-U-tiful? Come on...throw me a bone here. Say YES. lol

Mosaic*Queen said...

OMG!! You just made me laugh my BUTT off!!!!! (thanks, as I could use a little less butt!)
Too Funny!
I learned a long time ago, not to use the hairspray AquaNet. That stuff does not wash out of your hair, no matter how Great the shampoo is! I think I had to use straight vinegar to get it out! Anyway, your story made me think of this. Thanks for the laugh......needle head! :-)

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Hey. Not to put too fine of a point on this, but you know it's been 10 days, 10 long flippin' days, since the last time you posted, don't you? I'm sure you're keeping track...just didn't want you to think the rest of us weren't keeping track, too. (This is a not-so-subtle hint for you to get to blogging again!).

Hope everything is well!!!!