Friday, June 20, 2008


WOW! I have "dabbled" with clipping coupons to save at the grocery store, but after reading this article I am ready to get SERIOUS about using them. It is AMAZING that this lady only spends around $10.00 a week to feed her family of five!

So, of course I started searching the internet for more information on using coupons and came across The Coupon Mom's website, which has a whole system to help you get started. I have been reading and absorbing all of it like a sponge! I also visited Hot Coupon World and spent quite a bit of time wandering around and reading all of the ideas and tips. There is a lot of GREAT information out there, and I am sure I will keep finding more, because I go to one site, then click on a link to another, and then another! LOL!

I just LOVE bloggers! Every blog you visit is like finding a hidden treasure! I found the coupon article on a blog called For Cheap Sake while looking through the Menu Plan Monday links on the Organized Junkie website. (Thanks to Rhonda over at Christmas Notebook for putting the information up on her blog!) See! Blog hopping can help you save money, plan your menu for the week, get organized, and make you think about Christmas in JUNE! LOL!


Leo said...

Hey! Really nice blog! I also have one, =)
Have a nice day =)

ChoKitty said...

Yeah, so, we need to be like her!