Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yellow Watermelon?

Today, Mr. Mister and I went to the commissary. While we were there Mr. Mister picked up a watermelon. We came home, he started cutting the watermelon, and then I heard him say, "what the he??" we both stopped, looked at it, and said in unison "A YELLOW WATERMELON?"

I have NEVER in my 40+ years heard of, or seen a yellow watermelon. So, I immediately hopped on the computer to look it up. Apparently, there are all kinds of yellow watermelons out there! (Who KNEW?) LOL!
Here's a picture of ours!

For anyone out there who has never tried a yellow watermelon, they are DELICIOUS! (Well, at least this one was! LOL) I told Mr. Mister that we need to order seeds so we can plant our own!


Cheryl Wray said...

I grew up eating both red and yellow watermelons. We'd always have one of each at my grandparents' in the summer. Yummmmmmmmm....

Mosaic*Queen said...

Well! I am now educated in Watermelon. I, too, had no idea there was such a thing!
Looks Yummy though!
Hope you are having a GREAT Week!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I haven't had a yellow watermelon in a while. Heck, I don't think I've even had a red one in at least a year. They usually run about $7 each around here, which I think is WAAAAY too much money for a watermelon, especially when you never know if you'll be getting a good one or not. I saw that they were down to $4 and some change the other day. I was tempted...and now that I've seen your yellow one, I'm even more tempted. Nothing like a sweet watermelon to make a person happy. lol