Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visiting The Front Yard!

The flowers in the front yard are really going crazy right now! So, I took my camera out to capture some of the pretties!

First, meet "George" (yes, we named the tree George! LOL!) He is our Walmart special tree.

One day, while Mr. Mister and I were wandering around, aimlessly, in Walmart, (come on! admit it! you wander aimlessly in Walmart too!) we discovered that all of the trees were on clearance. We spotted this poor, pathetic, half dead tree, and decided to adopt him. We ended up paying around $5.00 dollars for him! You can't BEAT that! And he is doing GREAT! Well, except that he is looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa right now, because we cannot seem to get a stake to hold him upright. They keep pulling up out of the ground or breaking, when all the dratted wind blows through.

The second picture is of the red bowling ball I made a couple of years ago. I LOVE how it shines in the sun. I need to make another one because the bowling ball has cracked and some of the pebbles/marbles have started to fall off. I am also planning to make a white one for the moon garden (which is still in it's beginning stages.)

The lilies are GORGEOUS right now, and really putting on a show!

The red lilies are everyone's favorite!

There is also salvia, miniature bleeding hearts, and gayfeather.

The columbine is almost done blooming, but it still brings a smile to my face.

Just LOOK at the Echinacea! (Purple Cone Flowers) Even the bees are giving them some LOVE!

There is nothing better than "Flower Power" and "Bee Love" LOL!

I hope that your garden is bringing you as much joy as mine is to me!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Pretty flowers. I love George. He's a hottie. lol And he looks a lot better than that mutant Bradford Pear tree that sits in my front yard like he owns it.


Shannon said...

Looks gorgeous! Our yard looked so good when we moved in forever ago but we just are not good at gardening and it doesn't look as great anymore. I bet it makes you happy everytime you pull up to the house!

Maria said...

OMG....I am seriously IN LOVE with your flowers! :D

Love every one of these shots! :D

Mosaic*Queen said...

Very, very pretty!!! All of my flowers are wilting in this heat wave of 113+ degrees. It's kinda like our winter right now.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!!!


Cheryl Wray said...

These pictures are just fantastic, and your garden is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Your tree looks great and I love Columbines too.

Thanks for sharing. These brought a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

Love your flowers. They are so beautiful. I'm allergic to bees so I can't have flowers in the garden.

Carla said...

Love, love, love your blog, girlie!!! It's really taken shape since the last time I was in. Your flower pics are awesome!!!