Friday, December 10, 2010

Bodega Bay!

After our hot air balloon ride was over, we hopped in the car, and headed straight out of Napa Valley! YEP! That's right! We left!

Our destination? Bodega Bay! Why? Because, I could hear the ocean calling out to me! And, I had to answer that call!

I found out about Bodega Bay while reading Centsational Girl's blog. She lives in Sonoma, and has visited many of the wineries in the area, so I was reading her recommendations when I came across this post. It was then, that I told Mr. Mister, that I wanted to follow in Kate's footsteps, and do exactly what she did on her trip to the ocean. It sounded like so much fun, and I knew Mr. Mister would LOVE the seafood!

So, off we went.

Our first stop was at Candy & Kites, so that we could pick out a kite, to take to the beach with us.

This was such a cool store! Look at all the colorful windsocks, and whirl-i-gigs!

This one almost came home with us! LOL! (We bought a peacock instead.)

OMG! The candy! I was the "proverbial" kid in a candy store! I think I drooled, and slobbered, on a few pieces of the salt water taffy, as I stood there trying to decide what I wanted to buy.

Mr. Mister wasn't impressed with all that. He was too busy, hunting for the perfect kite!

After some thought, we decided to go with something that folded up, and was light weight, because we had to pack it in our suitcase to take home.

With our new kite, and other goodies in hand, we went back to the car, and drove to Doran Beach.

After many years, we were there again! At the ocean! We sat there soaking up the view, the sound, and the sun.

AHHHH! Can you smell the salty air? Feel the breeze on your face?

Wait! What breeze? There was no breeze to fly our kite in! We tried anyway! But, it was not happening! The kite would stay up for a few seconds, and then come crashing back down, onto the beach.

So, we decided to just sit, relax, and enjoy the sand between our toes!! It was a AWESOME day! YEP! We would go back in a hot minute!!


Carla said...

OOOO. I must have missed this one! Where is that beach at? It is so pretty and calming....

Kathy said...


We were in the Bodega Bay area of California.
It was GORGEOUS! I took a ton of pictures there, but only put a few up on the blog!
Rick & I, would love to go back again, one day!